Friday, January 29, 2016

Medical Deductions

Medical Deductions 
It is well known that medical expenses are deductible. But what does that include? Read below for often missed additions to your medical costs.

1. Dental Costs - Be sure to include costs paid to dentists including dental surgery and cleanings.

2. Vision - Do you have glasses or contacts? Deduct it!

3. Health Insurance Premiums - You likely pay a health insurance company every month.  It may be deducted out of our paycheck automatically.  These payments should be included in your total.

4. Medical Equipment - Add the costs of items such as wheelchairs, crutches, hearing aids, and diabetic supplies.

5. Transportation/Mileage - Did you drive or pay for transportation to a medical facility?  Deduct the costs or apply the medical mileage rate!

6. Prescriptions - If a doctor prescribes you medicine, it is a medical expense.

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