Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Identity Theft and Scams

Identity Theft and Scams
Warning Signs 

 Over the past year we have heard of many horror stories concerning IRS scams and identity theft.  Below are some helpful tips to recognize some of the common warning signs.

1.  The IRS will not e-mail you.  They are concerned for your privacy and know that e-mail accounts can be read by more people than just the taxpayer.

2.  The IRS will not call you on the phone unless they are calling you back.  They communicate primarily through paper mail.  Besides, how would they have obtained your phone number if you didn't call them first?

3.  Tax authorities will never threaten you angrily or require actions to be completed in one day. Often the scammers will say "the police are on their way right now, unless you pay the balance immediately".  The bad guys thrive on getting you to act before you have had time to sit and think about what is happening.  

4.  You will never be asked to pay tax using a prepaid credit card. They typically will only accept check or direct deposit.

Are you unsure if a communication is legitimate or a scam?  Call us immediately BEFORE you respond! (216) 661-4459 or e-mail

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